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Getting Healthy….with a Phone?

by Jennifer S.

We are almost a month into 2012, and I bet many of you made resolutions that you’re no longer keeping or not as enthusiastic about.  To help out those of who made the resolutions of “losing weight” or “getting healthy”, I thought I’d share some of the apps I use to keep myself on a healthy track.

Best of all, these apps are free!

Lose It! (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android)
I’ve been using Lose It! since mid-November and it is the one app I use everyday.  It is a calorie tracker and I really like how simple it is to add in what I ate and how much I exercise.  I like that it gives you a daily and weekly look at your calorie budget and that I can just scan in foods that I eat with a barcode (as long as they are not a store brand).

The app itself is pretty minimal in terms of what data you get out of it:  daily and weekly summary of calorie budget and nutrients, along with an overview of your current weight loss.  The place where Lose It! really shines for reporting is on it’s website ( where you can see and export 12 different reports.  You can see how this app is perfect for a data geek like me!

LA Fitness (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android)
I joined LA fitness about two weeks ago and I love that they have an app.  I can look at class schedules for any LA Fitness gym (there are 14 within 20 miles of me) and know how the instructor is, what the class is about and what I need to bring.  It also sets up reminders for classes I want to take and sends it right to Google Calendar.  So, there’s no reason for me to skip a workout!




RunKeeper (iPhone, Android, Windows 7 Phone, Nokia)
I’ve only done two runs with RunKeeper, but I already love this app.  I’ve done some Couch to 5K programs on the iPod, but I really like that this app tracks my route and gives me so much data after I’m done.  I can see my speed for each interval, for each minute, and where exactly I ran.  I’ve also got it set up to automatically send updates to Facebook after each run, for a little bit of extra motivation.

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Now that I shared with you some of the healthy living apps I’m using, what ones are using?

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