DAY AFTER: #Millennials & Staying Healthy

Nov 23 2011 Published by under Day After

Staying healthy is important to all generations, but what are some of the barriers that can keep #millennials from keeping up with good exercise, eating right and really paying attention to their health?

  • Time – Many millennials are in college (studying, homework hopefully) or in the early parts of their careers (networking, putting in hours to make their first projects successful).  These obstacles take up a lot of our time because who DOESN’T still want a social life? No matter what kind of social life you lead, it is hard to squeeze healthy meal preparation and workout time between that and work.
  • Experience – Living away from mom’s cookin’, whether you are at school or have just moved from home.  Having to cook for ourselves is most likely fairly new.  So stay away from the Big Mac and start experimenting with healthier recipes at home!
  • Budget – The easiest way I can think of eating healthy is going organic.  But, that means a higher price tag and sometimes is not the most practical choice.  Almost like the experience barrier, it just takes practice and a leap of faith to start GOING to the grocery store instead of the mall and comparing prices of fruits rather than the price of a new pair of shoes!

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Want some tips, tricks and examples of how OTHER millennials are staying healthy while balancing their time and staying within budget? Click here – – to see a transcript of yesterday’s chat.


Tons of app suggestions were made yesterday to assist with staying on track.  And since I DID see that over half of college students and young professionals would rather lose their wallet or purse than their smart phone I thought I would share them here:

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