#DAYAFTER Post: So you want to succeed in the nonprofit industry, huh?

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Check out the stats from our first chat back from a long break:

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We had a FANTASTIC chat back yesterday.  Great advice shared about how to succeed as a young professional in the nonprofit workplace.  From clipping coupons to approaching your boss at the right time – check out the transcript below to get some great advice.

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#DAYAFTER: Continuing Relationships with Fellow Interns

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Yesterday’s chat produced 62 tweets generated 47,978 impressions, reaching an audience of 15,717 followers
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1. @MillennialChat – 23
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5. @VocusCareers - 4


The chat on “Continuing Relationships with Fellow Interns” didn’t turn up too many participants, but we still had a pretty lively discussion.

Key Takeaways -

  • It is never bad to keep in touch with people you have worked with
  • Facebook groups are a growing way to keep in touch
  • Supervisors should create a culture of keeping in touch; good for the company AND the interns!

To get the full transcript, click here.



Don’t miss next week’s chat.  We are partnering with Vocus Careers!!  They have won multiple awards such as Tech Company of the Year by the Tech Council of Maryland and have been a part of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 for the past FOUR years!

We will be chatting about “Following up and Moving Forward after an Internship”.  Making that next leap can be tough, but we’ll talk through it.  Vocus interns and staff people will be on THE TWITTER to answer any questions you may have.  So mark your calendars now because you are busy on June 26th from 3:30pm – 4:30pm EST

Do you have any questions that you would like answered at next week’s chat?
Or any comments on yesterday’s topic? Comment below!


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#DAYAFTER: How to Lead More Efficient Meetings

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Yesterday’s chat produced 154 tweets generated 117,186 impressions, reaching an audience of 15,571 followers.
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Congrats to our top 5 tweets:
1. @millennialchat – 44
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4. @marketingmel – 11
5. @sarahkathleen – 11

And a BIG thank you to Larkin for moderating the chat yesterday since something came up that didn’t allow me to be there! She stepped in and did a GREAT job.

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#DAYAFTER: Effective Office Communications

Mar 07 2012 Published by under Day After

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Congrats to our top 5 tweeters:
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#DAYAFTER: Mobile #Millennials & Staying connected at all times

Feb 22 2012 Published by under Day After

Yesterday’s #millennialchat produced 309 tweets generated 394,254 impressions, reaching an audience of 22,441 followers within the past 24 hours.
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And congrats to our top 5 tweeters –
1. @larkingrant – 75 tweets
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#DAYAFTER: Undergrad, Grad School No School – How #millennials become successful!

Feb 15 2012 Published by under Day After

Yesterday’s #millennialchat day produced 185 tweets, generated 92,566 impressions, and reached an audience of 8,587 followers. (see all stats at hashtracking.com)

And congrats to our top 5 tweeters –
1. @larkingrant: 42 tweets
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DAY AFTER: How can #millennialchat serve #millennials better?

Jan 04 2012 Published by under Day After

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DAY AFTER: Creating a Successful #Millennial Run Initiative

Nov 30 2011 Published by under Day After


A buzzword, pooling ideas, conversation to help gain new ideas, microvolunteering, a lot of opinions quickly, brainstorming, collaboration.

Whichever comes to mind first, many organizations and researchers are trying to find the best way to harness the power of the Millennial Generation’s tendency to want to collaborate, be in control, and use technology when doing so.

flickr photo by stev.ie

Well… our chat tackled this issue of crowdsourcing our peers and here are 4 takeaways to not only crowdsource millennials correctly but to maintain your initiative’s intended direction.
  1. Take a look at how peer-to-peer fundraising platforms are set up
    Many of the examples of resources given throughout the chat were online fundraising tools for people to set up a personal page a fundraise for a cause.  (Firstgiving, StayClassy, BroadCause, GlobalGiving, JustCoz, etc.)
  2. Meet millennials in the middle.
    Realize that we want to meet and get to know your company first before we just dive in and do what you tell us or come up with ideas for a new product you are designing.  Feel out the crowds on Facebook & Twitter, maybe have a call out meeting on a Google+ hangout.
  3. Constraints, Examples, and Mentors.
    Here is why you want to give your crowdsourced millennials constraints. Give us examples on how you want something done, and we will DEFINITELY put our own spin on it.  Provide a few names and contact info of staff people, not just a volunteer coordinator or a social media director – give us your CEO’s email address or the program director’s direct phone number.  This makes us feel more like an employee doing good work for you rather than just a plain old volunteer.
  4. Recognition and tracked success.
    Everyone, not just millennials, want to know that the time they spent was useful.  But ways of showing it are easier, so if you AREN’T displaying the direction – successes or failures – then we are wondering if we are really accomplishing anything for you at all.  Find a way to display the initiative transparently and recognize those that have gone above and beyond just helping.

To get the entirety of yesterday’s chat, click here – http://sfy.co/PlS – for the transcript and others on our Storify account!

Letter from the Moderator: Thanks to everyone who joined the chat yesterday.  Next Tuesday will be on OFF WEEK for Millennial Chat due to a heavy influx of Christmas gift requests.  There will be NO CHAT on Tuesday, December 6th.  HOWEVER, our chat on December 13th will include the first of a monthly series that will start occurring every 2nd Tuesday of the month, so be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter feed – @MillennialChat, Facebook page, and Google+ page.

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DAY AFTER: #Millennials & Staying Healthy

Nov 23 2011 Published by under Day After

Staying healthy is important to all generations, but what are some of the barriers that can keep #millennials from keeping up with good exercise, eating right and really paying attention to their health?

  • Time – Many millennials are in college (studying, homework hopefully) or in the early parts of their careers (networking, putting in hours to make their first projects successful).  These obstacles take up a lot of our time because who DOESN’T still want a social life? No matter what kind of social life you lead, it is hard to squeeze healthy meal preparation and workout time between that and work.
  • Experience – Living away from mom’s cookin’, whether you are at school or have just moved from home.  Having to cook for ourselves is most likely fairly new.  So stay away from the Big Mac and start experimenting with healthier recipes at home!
  • Budget – The easiest way I can think of eating healthy is going organic.  But, that means a higher price tag and sometimes is not the most practical choice.  Almost like the experience barrier, it just takes practice and a leap of faith to start GOING to the grocery store instead of the mall and comparing prices of fruits rather than the price of a new pair of shoes!

flickr photo by Walmart Stores

Want some tips, tricks and examples of how OTHER millennials are staying healthy while balancing their time and staying within budget? Click here – http://sfy.co/Oz7 – to see a transcript of yesterday’s chat.


Tons of app suggestions were made yesterday to assist with staying on track.  And since I DID see that over half of college students and young professionals would rather lose their wallet or purse than their smart phone I thought I would share them here:

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DAY AFTER: What do we, #millennials, look for in a company’s website?

Oct 19 2011 Published by under Day After

Websites……… everybody’s got one!  Some are good, some are terrible, others can be just eh.

Yesterday’s chat had a lot of airing out of pet peaves!  It was good stuff to hear for anyone, and knowing the Millennial generation, we all at some point in our career may have some input into our company’s website.

flickr photo by Margaret Ornsby

Here is what you DON’T want on your website:

  • A site that takes forever to load
  • A BAD search function
  • Your links to open up a bunch of new windows
  • Automatic start of music or videos
  • An intro page

Here is what you want to ACHIEVE with your website:

  • Catering to your audience
    Don’t try to change & target a totally different demographic.  Keep your site clean & targeted on your brand’s audience.
  • Clear navigation
    Clear path to pages.  Don’t use “code” for visitors to decipher which button to click on.  Make social media buttons apparent.
  • Staying fluid & flexible
    Websites aren’t billboards or flyers.  Constantly trim, replace, and build to stay up-to-date.
  • Make it good.
    We are much more likely to visit your website first BEFORE we head to your social media outlets.

Here are some suggestions of good websites by the group:
The Paradigm Project, Girls Fight Back, Caribou Coffee, Warby Parker

To read the transcript in its entirety click the link below:


A special thanks to buildOn (@buildOnEmpowers) for suggesting the theme!  They wanted to know because of their OWN website redevelopment.  Visit their site and let them know what you think of it by taking a quick survey.

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