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Yesterday’s chat garnered 128 tweets with a total reach of 29,541 followers. (stats formed from


TOP 5 Chatters:
1) @brassmedia – 23
2) @RachelTheCoach – 12
3) @SusieDoozie – 12
4) @Mob_Org – 10
5) @AshleyHurney – 9

Did you miss yesterday’s chat? No worries! We got you covered.  Check out the transcript below from  If you have any questions, TWEET US! We are just an “@” away.

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DAYAFTER – Being Healthy in 2013. Can You Do It? On a Budget?

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A quick chat yesterday.  It generated 61 tweets with 57,976 impressions and reached an audience of 13,102 followers.
(stats by

January is almost over. Yes, already.  Time is flying, but our goal is always to start new and healthy habits for the new year.  The transcript below doesn’t just have all of the tweets from yesterday’s #millennialchat.  The transcript has some great resources for you to use to make sure you are picking healthy food to get a balanced and complete diet.  The transcript also has some GREAT suggested Twitter accounts to follow to help keep you motivated and give you more information!

Enjoy and don’t forget to be on the lookout tomorrow to vote for the topic you’d like to chat about NEXT WEEK!

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Leadership and Opportunism in the Social Media Age

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What Would a Leader Do?

A word related to your business is trending on Twitter. You have two choices: employ a tactic you’ve already developed for cases such as this, or insert your business, opportunistically, into the Trending Topic. What would a leader do?

Your capability as a leader is a measure of your clout, your ability to influence others. If (big if, I know) your Klout score is a measure of your social influence, then a high score should reflect your capability. You have two choices: opportunistically game the system to achieve a high score or allow it to accurately reflect your engagement and influence. What would a leader do?

You’re a generational expert; you’re in Human Resources; you’re trying to get a job. A Twitter chat exists that is perfectly suited for your business or personal goals. You have two choices: spam the chat with your pitch or thoughtfully invest time into the chat by building relationships and adding value to the conversation over time. What would a leader do?

An article is written suggesting only one generation is qualified for a specific job. You have two choices: be part of the problem or be part of the solution. What would a leader do?

What Do Leaders Do?

Saying things such as, “That’s the way it’s always been done. I hope it changes. I doubt it will” is the equivalent of saying someone else needs to take the responsibility for creating the change I’d like to see. Does that sound asinine to you? Now, don’t run to the comments or stop reading here because you think I’ve called you asinine. I haven’t. That statement is asinine; and, we all say foolish things every once in a while, including me. What do leaders do?

Be a Leader

The best thing about leaders is that they’re not always looking for ways to embed themselves into conversations that propel their business or personal goals in obvious ways. Leaders see the benefits of long-term engagement.

For more than two years #GenYChat has been leading the discussion that seeks to solve the problem of the generation gap every Wednesday at 9pm ET. Do you care enough to be part of the solution even if you aren’t the guest host leading the conversation? Would you rather write a one-off post in response to one person; or, would you rather be part of shaping and adding value to the weekly discussions with many people that seek to better generational ties? It’s true that Millennials can tell when we’re being used to propel business goals. Guess who gave us this insight.

Be a leader.

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Do you have questions or comments on leadership versus opportunism? You can answer in the comments below or start a conversation with me @WriterChanelle on Twitter.

Chanelle Schneider is the Founder and Moderator of the Twitter chat: #GenYChat, an intergenerational chat designed to dispel myths and improve the generational discussion.

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Dress to Impress: Summer Internship Edition

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So, you did it! You finally scored that summer internship you’ve been dreaming about. The question now: What do you wear? The single most important thing you need to know is that what you wear directly affects the way people in your office will perceive you. If you look professional, people will associate you with being professional.

Still, every office has a different protocol when it comes to attire and it can be difficult knowing what is appropriate and what is not. Whether your office is casual, business casual, or business formal, it is important that you understand the dress code at your office, and that you adhere to it – no if’s, and’s or but’s. Even with the guidelines, it’s sometimes difficult to tell what is expected of your attire. Here are some tips to help you assemble the perfect wardrobe.

It’s better to overdress than underdress, so make sure you dress to impress on your first day.

Sure it can be somewhat embarrassing to show up to work in a suit when everyone around you is in jeans, but isn’t it even more embarrassing to show up the other way around? You might stick out a bit, but at least you won’t be drawing attention for being dressed inappropriately.

Make observations

The best thing you can do for yourself is to make observations about what the majority of the people around you wear and try to blend in. I say “majority” because there will inevitably be someone around you dressed in open toed sandals when your company policy clearly states that this against the rules. Even if everyone in the office ignores this policy, remember, you are the intern. You are trying to make a good impression – are the sandals really worth it?

Be Conservative

Ladies, if there is one thing that I see time and time again, it is inappropriate skirt lengths and cleavage. I know it’s summer, and I know it’s hot, but please remember to keep it conservative. I’m not saying you need to wear a skirt down to your ankles, but if you make it a habit to avoid bending over in your favorite summer dress, then it’s inappropriate for work.

Casual Dress Code

Just because a dress code says “casual” doesn’t mean you can show up in sweatpants. Casual, especially for the summer intern, should be more than jeans and a tee shirt. Your boss may show up in a tracksuit, but it’s important to be “put-together” as the intern. Think trendy. An appropriate outfit for a woman may look something like this:

Image courtesy of:

A belt with your jeans and dressy shoes make this casual outfit more than your everyday look.

A man would dress something like this:

Image courtesy of:
Note the belt and nice shoes (not sneakers). It’s important to look as though your outfit is well thought out. It’s the difference between professional and “I just rolled out of bed and threw this on”.

Business Casual

Think about this as a step up from the casual wardrobe. You’re still not wearing suits every day but the jeans are officially out of the picture. For women, it might look something like this:

Image courtesy of:

Cardigans and blazers, button up shirts, dress pants and skirts are all appropriate for business casual.

For men, something like this:

Image courtesy of:

The jacket is optional for every day use, however you should always have your jacket on during a meeting.

Business Formal

This attire is typically reserved for high-end offices, but be prepared for it no matter where you end up. Typically Business Formal means you’ll be wearing a suit everyday. As such, it’s very important to go and get fitted for your suits, because simply wearing a suit is not enough. You’ll need to see a tailor to make alterations so that the suit fits you correctly, otherwise it’s likely that you’ll look a little disheveled. An example for a woman:

Image courtesy of:

And Men:

Image courtesy of:

Additional Things to Remember

Ladies, keep the make-up clean and light. You want to enhance features, not create new ones. Leave the bright green eyeshadow in your make-up bag.

Also, both men and women need to be mindful of perfumes and cologne. You want to smell clean and fresh but don’t bathe in it. Your officemates will appreciate you taking it easy on the fragrance.

And last but not least, wear a good attitude. Attitude is everything when you’re the “new guy”, and if you want to stick around after your internship, a good attitude will be the single most important thing you wear all summer.

This post was written by guest blogger, Diana K. Diana is a southern transplant from the Philadelphia area (which is where she gets all her charm) and blogs about her new life as a mother over at A Little Bit of Sass

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Being Strategic about Moving Forward After an Internship

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written by Willie.

Internships are no doubt meant for your resume.  Why else would you take a job that takes up so many hours of your college summer, but doesn’t pay you enough for Thirst Thursdays during the school year? :)  But the pay is a different subject.

Internships are a win for both parties.  Like I said, you are boosting your resume with some meat, and the company you work for gets an extra set of hands on projects that they may have wanted to do but just didn’t have the (wo)man power.

But if you are smart…

you’ll realize that you can get a lot, A LOT more out of an internship than just good experience.  You can gain friends, professional contacts and people who will advocate for you in the future.

We, Millennial Chat, had the opportunity to team up with Vocus Careers – a great tech company that produces cloud-based PR and Marketing software.  Numerous awards, great atmosphere, and they are WELL KNOWN for their internship program.

And as part of the partnership, we helped produce a video just for YOU or maybe someone you know who is going to be an intern at some point in their life.

And we’ll give you a bonus track as well, but you have to click here —-> HERE!

3:30pm – 4:30pm EST at #millennialchat!


Here are the questions in advance so you can gear up for the discussion:

1) What are some things that a company can provide to ensure success for the intern after their time is done?
2) What can you do DURING your internship to ensure you are in a good position when it is over?
3) What is the correct way to present the possibility of staying on full time with the company you interned for?
4) If you were an intern supervisor, how would you want to keep in touch and assist your interns in the future?

What questions do you want added?
What questions do you have for the Vocus interns?  They will be joining in on the chat next Tuesday!
Leave your comment below!

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#DAYAFTER: How to collaborate WELL

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Yesterday’s #millennialchat produced 109 tweets generated 81,711 impressions, reaching an audience of 14,435 followers.
(stats provided by

Congratulation to our top 5 tweeters:
1. @millennialchat – 19 tweets
2. @willie_matis – 16 tweets
3. @irenicimplement – 12 tweets
4. @selizbur – 9 tweets
5. @opptobe – 8 tweets

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