Millennials: Consider Giving Back this Holiday Season

Dec 22 2011 Published by under Megan E.

by Megan E.

The holidays are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year”. And they are for many reasons. I love spending time with my family, the food, the music, etc.

But here’s the shocker. I could care less about the presents. Crazy, I know. But here’s why.

As I get older presents become less about what I want and more about things that I “need” but can’t afford (fellow college students will understand). There’s no more child like wonder about what treasures lie beyond the packaged exterior of a gift.

So I started to think about the things I really want. I figured that there has to be some sort of gift that would make me feel the same way I did as a child, something that would instill the spirit of the Holidays in me once again. So I thought about what makes me happy, what makes me excited, and what inspires me.

It took me a while but I came up with 3 gifts
that would really make my Holidays special.

These gifts aren’t things that can be wrapped in a box, they’re more than that. They’re solutions to the issues that I’m most passionate about. They’re answers to the world’s most pressing problems. They go beyond ribbon and paper and dig down deep into what really matters.

For me, the most integral themes of the Holidays are generosity, love, and companionship. All of those themes can be found in the gifts listed below, making them the most perfect presents I could possibly dream of.

Please take a look, and consider making a donation to the organizations that make these gifts possible.

1. No Person Ever Goes Hungry.

Feeding America (@FeedingAmerica) hopes to combat that pain of hunger. Through their website, you can shop their catalogue for gifts that can be made in a friend or family member’s name. You can also search their database for the food bank nearest you to donate to. And guess what, every dollar you donate equals 8 meals for those who need it.

2. No Person Discriminated Against for Any Reason.

Have you ever felt judged for who you are? Perhaps for your religious denomination (or lack of), your political beliefs, or the color of your skin?

The Human Rights Watch (@HRW) combats that discrimination by giving “voice to the oppressed and hold[ing] oppressors accountable for their crimes”

3. Every Woman Feels Safe

Every woman has the right to be in control of her own body, end of story. RAINN (@RAINN01)helps make that possible.

This is what the Holidays are about. Not ipods or big screen TVs, but making a difference for the powerless and creating change for the voiceless. Be that power, be that voice, and donate today.

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