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  • What Happens When We Change the Con...

    by Willie Matis, Founder
    Ladies and gentlemen! #MillennialChat is back, and that makes me happy! A rejuvenated look and mission is upon us, and I hope it makes you happy, too.
    MillennialChat started as a way for us to speak amongst each other about what is going …

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  • Post Image


    By Xavier Epps.
    This blog post is written by one of our panelists for our chat on November 19th. Xavier Epps.  To learn more about Xavier and his accomplishments, head over to his website –
    Today, the holidays are approaching fast, before you know it, the …

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    Who DOESN’T like to take the ...

    It feels so good to be baaaaaack!
    It’s been a while since we have had a MillennialChat, but who doesn’t like to take the summer off?  It is a great time to take a trip (or multiple trips), catch those concerts you’ve been wanting to get …

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